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Sticker Pack "Bugs & Beetles" (5pcs)

Sticker Pack "Bugs & Beetles" (5pcs)

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The "Bugs & Beetles" sticker pack contains 5 procedurally generated stickers. Each one is unique! You will find a range of different sizes, colors and shapes but one thing for sure: each little bug is a cute tiny fella. All stickers are hand crafted and signed on the backside.

The stickers are between 3cm and 8cm in both height and width. Each pack contains a good mix of colors and sizes.

The stickers are premium quality vinyl stickers with a matte coating. They can withstand touch, rain and even the dish washer to a certain extend. No disturbing name or branding is printed on them.

De-bugging? Nah, it's time to rebug!

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